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Why was the Web Page Crusades created?

Well I've been surfing around on the "Net" a lot lately and I've found that about 75% of the pages are just pure crap. They have banners everywhere, broken links, and links to other parts of their sites placed in unnoticeable locations. Also the pages take ages to load, which is very frustrating. To me, webpages are a representation of yourself and those "banner" pages give me the impression that these people are slobs. Everyone knows the key to success is organization and planning, which these pages lack. It is my goal to help unfortunate the people, who lack proper HTML skills and wish to overcome their sloppy ways.

How do I join this noble cause?

If you believe that the World Wide Web community must be clensed, then you are free to join. Simply fill out the form here>. I can not do it by myself. Help me before it is too late.

This frame uses 3 pages: a links page on the left, a banner page up top, and a main page to the right, where the other pages show up. It is best for those who wish to display banners or have a "wrap-around" link.
frame I always liked this frame. It has a small frame which sits at the top. It can be used for banners or links.
frame The five-page frame is pretty complicated, but if done right looks really nice. I would use this frame if you were displaying pictures or movies on your site.
frame This is a 4-page frame which has the frames on the left,top,and bottom. Useful for displaying links,banners, and logo at the same time.

Support a better world wide webpage community. Link Web Page Crusades to your site!

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